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Compressed air for medical use

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Medicair line

Designed with the aim of supplying the quantity and the quality of oil-free air necessary for the proper use of equipment in the dental surgeries and orthodontic laboratories, these compressors are designed and manufactured having in mind the health of the patient and the safeguard of the highest hygienic standards. The Medicair program is available in two different configurations, both manufactured with the same high-quality oil-free pumps and components: Med and Dr Sonic.

Dr Sonic Series

These models have the lowest noise ratio (dB(A) vs HP) on the market, thanks to a special shroud filled with soundproofing material, with internal cooling fan. They can be equipped with the exclusive double or single-tower adsorbption dryer and are especially suitable to be placed close to the practice area, where the noise level must be kept at a minimum.

Med Series

Med compressors are made with the same high-quality components of the Dr Sonic range, but without shroud. They have been designed for modular applications, in order to be the quality “entry-level” for those dentists who want to add the dryer, immediately or at a later time.

Both Dr. Sonic and Med compressors are extremely compact (they need less than 0,6 m2 on the ground) and both are equipped as standard with the “secure starting” electrical system, which allows the compressor to restart with no problems even after a case of power failure.

Compressed air output by a MedicAir compressor is:

free of oily residues, thanks to the oilless compression;
free of condensate, thanks to the adsorbption dryer with high drying power (in models where installed);

free of any smell, thanks to the high-thickness inner coating of the tank, made with anti-oxydant epoxy paint.

Dr. Sonic and Med top-series are completed with AirLab newest range: and Sil-Dry specifically designed for “budget” applications for dental laboratories and other para-medical applications.

The compressors of the MedicAir range can supply compressed air from 1 to 8 dental chairs.
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